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Any new endeavor goes better with a guide. These days, the most powerful form of guidance can be a relationship with a Professional Coach.

You've probably heard about coaching or career coaching but may have no idea what it is. I'm going to solve the mystery. Coaching is not magic. It is powerful, though. It is also not therapy, counseling or mentoring. But it can feel therapeutic and you will get guidance. The difference is that the guidance will come from your own innate wisdom, intelligence and resourcefulness, not the coaches'! Hmmm, that sounds interesting, you say. Good. Read on.

Here's what happens when you coach with me. We work together to see, plan and support the change you want to make.


  • You bring your ideas, desires and dreams. I ask you questions about them to help you get clear and even more excited about them
  • You bring your unique talents, strengths and creativity. I help you see them.
  • You bring your doubts and fears. I help you see what is real and what is blown out of proportion.
  • You bring your willingness to take action. I support you by helping you be specific, accountable and courageous in planning and action.
  • You bring your victories, accomplishments and wins. I celebrate with you.
  • You bring your missteps and boo-boo's. I help you get the most learning from them.
  • You bring yourself. I hold up a mirror so you can see what an amazing person you are.

What will all of this do for you? (That is, if it doesn't sound good enough already.)

You'll have the support you need to make that LIVElihood happen and to face whatever it is you'll need to face to move forward. You'll have a loving kick-in-the-career to get you started and keep you moving toward that job you can take (or make) and love. And you'll get to learn a whole bunch of fascinating stuff about yourself as you do it.

People who have worked with me tell me that they begin to see themselves and their work in a light that wasn't available before, that they feel much more confident about their decisions and make things happen that they never thought were possible. Even if they don't move right away, they find it easier to find engagement and renewed energy in their current situations. And they tell me that their lives and outlook have been permanently transformed.

How's that for an outcome? Want to get some of that?

"Stephanie was my coach during a very important career transition for me — from cog in the corporate wheel to entrepreneur with my own business… What an amazing, supportive and resonant experience; one I will never forget."
— A.V., Denver, CO

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There's no time like the present for a free sneak peek at your new LIVElihood. Get on my calendar.




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