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Coaching Programs: Pricing


"Ok, I like it," you say. How much cheddar will I need?

Here's my philosophy and my intention:


Philosophy — You will value this coaching service as much as you invest in it. If the amount you're paying is uncomfortable enough, you'll invest the time and guts and energy to get where you want to go. If it just feels like a little spare change, you're less likely to make the change. (Pardon the pun.) At the same time, I don't believe ANYONE should put themselves at great financial risk to get excellent coaching support.

Intention — With each client my intention is for us to find that "sweet spot" where the investment is a bit uncomfortable in the wallet but not an unreasonable risk to financial well-being. And that is why I have intentionally created coaching programs that will fit a number of budgets and needs.



Here's what to expect for each type of Coaching Program:


Private LIVElihood Coaching – Range of $350-$500 monthly. (The exact fee for your arrangement will depend on variables such as length and frequency of sessions and your "sweet spot.")

Tandem LIVElihood Coaching — $200 per person for 3, 1-hour sessions/month. Email contact in between included.

Change Gangs — $125/month for 4 1-hour group calls. Email contact between included.


In each case I ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months, because change can happen fast, but not always overnight.

"Stephanie was my coach during a very important career transition for me — from cog in the corporate wheel to entrepreneur with my own business… What an amazing, supportive and resonant experience; one I will never forget."
— A.V., Denver, CO

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