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Are you a Coach in Training?

Find out why the Mentor Coach you hire Matters


Are you a coach in training, participating in a certification program? Are you wondering about the best way to choose your "mentor coach"? Not sure why you should care?

If your dream LIVElihood is coaching, you've probably discovered that part of the coaching certification process is to have a coach of your own. (I am speaking primarily of CTI's program but not exclusively.) All paths to credentialing require a certain number of hours working with a mentor coach. For some students this makes total sense.

For others, it feels like another "I have to pay for this" item on the list. I get it. It feels like a lot to bite off.

But here's what I have found: Your coaching relationship can have huge impact on your learning and experience in any program.

Let me share what I know after years of my own experience with CTI's program as a participant, Core Curriculum Leader, Certification Program Leader and Coach of students in the program.

As a student in the certification process you may experience some or all of the following:

  • Confusion – Especially in the beginning, there can be lots to decipher about logistics and expectations.
  • Performance Anxiety – For the first time, your real coaching with real clients is really going to be evaluated. The bar has been raised and it can be downright terrifying!
  • Client Pressure /Panic – You have to find and keep real clients. For some, this is the first time you've marketed and sold a service. For some it is the first time you've represented yourself as the product. Fear can stop you in your tracks.
  • Overwhelm – There are lots of pieces to juggle and things to remember which feels like a huge pile of to-do's -- especially with your already full life.
  • Underwhelm – "What happened to the delicious, in-person, wrap-me-in-the-blanket-of-community core classes? I don't like this phone thing!" It's easy to disengage if you're not careful. 
  • Impatience – "I wish I could just check this thing off and get the credential. Is there really any value in this?" (Another perspective that can creep in as time goes on.)
  • The "Dip" – Your ultimate party with your inner critics. Usually happens once or twice per student. Symptoms include extreme self-doubt, pessimism, and thoughts of giving up.
  • Mid-Program Anxiety – "Am I ever going to get this? Is it ever going to be over?"
  • Exam Anxiety – "I'm really nervous about taking exams. I'll never feel ready. What if I FAIL?"


Here's the great news. While some or all of these could happen to you, the process can also be a time of amazing learning, fun and engagement -- if you set it up to be that way. One of the ways you can do that is to find yourself a coaching relationship that is custom-designed for this adventure. Wouldn't it be great to:

  • Have a coaching package specifically designed to meet all of these possible un-pleasantries head on?
  • Be able to manage the bumps with ease, giving you lots of energy to focus on the positive – your learning and celebration thereof?
  • Feel engaged, knowing and remembering that you are honoring your values, and remembering why you're doing this in the first place?
  • Free up your energy so that you can keep creating that big beautiful life of yours while you are doing the program?
  • Custom design each session with your coach to meet you where you are right now? To support your learning right where you are in the program that week, to get expert mentoring if you need it, or to get additional feedback on your coaching?

If this sounds good, we should talk. You and I maybe a fit. And if we're not, I can point you to other coaches who can provide the above as well.


My clients in certification can pick and choose from the following options for each session:

  • Powerful co-active coaching on any area of life
  • Just-in-time skills incorporation – I will know where you are in the program and can coach you using whatever you are focusing on
  • Expert Mentoring – On skills, the profession, the program logistics and the business. Years of experience = plenty of accurate information and feedback.
  • Sales and Marketing Expertise – That's what I did before I became a coach
  • Extra-Strength Saboteur Busting – I have some powerful tools to eliminate limiting beliefs.
  • Brainstorming for creative ideas about your learning process and your business.
  • "Angel on the Shoulder" Coaching - You coach me and get in-the-moment feedback and redirection as needed. Talk about building your coaching muscles and overcoming the fear of failing. This one is great when you get further in the program and want a workout.


I feel strongly that every coach-in-training deserves expert, tailored support, and should accept nothing less if he/she is serious about this profession.


Absolutely, contact me if you would like support in creating the most supportive Certification Mentor Coaching experience you can. We'll talk a bit, see where you are and what you want. I'll be happy to make recommendations. And if we end up working together, I'll give you everything I've got in service of your learning experience.


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If you're on a budget, check out Option 2 on my 3 Ways to Play. Tandem Certification Coaching with another student can be a rockin' learning experience for less dough!


"If you want to be a great coach, hire a great coach.  And Stephanie Lovinger is a "coach's coach."  I chose to work with Stephanie as my coach through CTI Certification.  I learned so much during the transformation from trained coach to certified professional coach. I benefited greatly from her experience, wisdom and skill. She modeled great coaching as well as provided great coaching. They said in training you can only take your clients as far as you've gone. Working with Stephanie has helped me grow, change, expand.  Now, I'm taking my clients farther than ever.  Thanks Stephanie!"

— T.K., Dallas, TX

"Stephanie was my coach during a very important career transition for me — from cog in the corporate wheel to entrepreneur with my own business… What an amazing, supportive and resonant experience; one I will never forget."
— A.V., Denver, CO

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