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I'll tell you a little secret about well-trained coaches. We don't like to talk about ourselves. That's because we're trained to talk about you instead. I'll take a little break from that right now so we can satisfy any curiosities you may be having. Then it will be back to you.


Let's imagine you're interviewing me and asking these questions that might be on your mind…


Why do you do what you do? My favorite thing to do has always been to pay attention to people, learn how they operate and support them in whatever they're doing. From a very young age I can remember conversations with friends that were "coach-like." If they'd had coaching courses when I went to college, I would have taken them. I was thrilled in the late '90's when I heard there was a new profession called coaching. It didn't take me long to get on board. I do this work because it is important to me that my LIVElihood involves contributing to society and to good in our world. This is the best way I know how to do that. And as life goes on, if I find an even better way, I'll start doing that.


Why do you focus on Career, or what you call LIVElihood Coaching? My own experience showed me that my life was completely different when I began engaging in work that used my best talents and was not just interesting, but thrilling to me. And it took a good 13 years in the workforce for me to figure this one out. Lacking direction when I first graduated from college, I took jobs in sales because I was good at it. Even though I was always intrigued by the products I sold, it felt like I was merely slogging along. Until 1993. That's when I took a chance on my first dream job, even before I knew if it was available or if I was even capable of doing it! I had an idea and I followed my gut. I'll save that whole story for another time, but for now I'll say it was like a total cosmic kick in the pants. My working life has never been the same since. My commitment to only doing work that makes the greatest use of me and creates the greatest delight in me has made a huge and positive difference in every area of my life -- from my health to my relationships. I want this positive difference for every other human being I meet.


What kind of training do you have? I was trained at The Coaches Training Institute, a global, accredited and highly respected coach training company. I started training in 2001, was certified in 2002 and have been coaching ever since. I also have a PCC (Professional Credentialed Coach) designation from the International Coach Federation. PCC designations are only awarded to professionals who have coached a great many hours with numerous clients and come recommended by other credentialed coaches. Since my training and certification in 2002 I have added a number of new skill-sets to my approach every year through continuous training.


What was your career background? I spent a 20+ years in sales positions, and later as a communication skills trainer inside organizations. I worked in small boutique firms and Fortune 500 companies. Just as I do now, I was either helping customers get their needs met or teaching others how to communicate with or inspire others. Most of us have a common thread running through our careers, regardless of the positions or the companies we have worked for. Mine has been communication and inspiration.


Do you coach all of the time? Nope! I'm also still a trainer/workshop leader. I'm on the faculty of The Coaches Training Institute now, the same school where I got my training. I have taught courses for them all over the world and continue to do so, as I enjoy welcoming new people into this very worthwhile and fulfilling way of working with others. I also create my own private workshops from time-to-time on topics related to change and LIVElihood. As one of those people who enjoy variety in work, it's important for me to make my living doing more than one thing, and that they all be related.


You help people change their careers and their lives. What is your philosophy about Change? I think that human beings thrive and grow through change. At the same time, I think at times we'll try almost anything to avoid change. It's human nature to fear change a lot of the time. That's where the challenge comes in. That change "push-pull" makes professional support really important. From my own experience I can tell you that if I hadn't embraced change with both arms and all of my heart I would be living an extremely narrow and boring life, and I know I would be unhappy. I can also tell you that most times when I've made big changes I've had someone skilled and generous supporting me – a mentor or a coach. Without change, I don't believe that happiness, maturity and a life worth living are possible. And I mean that. I also know that change will either happen to you or by you -- especially in the world of work. Do I need to ask you which way sounds better?


Why should I work with you, out of all the Career Coaches out there? I don't know if you should work with me. There's only one way to find out if we're a fit. Let's talk!

"Stephanie was my coach during a very important career transition for me — from cog in the corporate wheel to entrepreneur with my own business… What an amazing, supportive and resonant experience; one I will never forget."
— A.V., Denver, CO

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Work! Thank God for the swing of it, for the clamoring, hammering ring of it. — Anonymous

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